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Spotlight: Roshad Charles, TOP’s Summer Intern

This summer, our team was honored to get the opportunity to onboard an intern to help with operations. Roshad Charles, a rising sophomore at Centre College in Danville, KY and a Baton Rouge native, joined the team with a full heart and the energy needed to joyfully navigate summer programming with TOP. During the school year, Roshad studies Biochemistry in hopes of one day becoming an orthopedic surgeon. In his spare time, Roshad does photography, videography and is working to expand his certifications in different areas. His typical day with our organization consisted of program monitoring at individuals sites across the state for in-person support in navigating SFSP meal programming. Roshad also helped our Development Director further our mission and expand our work with our Vibrant Communities initiative. When asked, his greatest joy of doing this is having the opportunity to reconnect and build newer bonds with individuals who he knew growing up in the Capital Region.

Although Roshad’s support with program monitoring was essential for making sure kids in at-risk areas received food during summer camps and enrichment activities, his willingness to jump in and problem solve for a handful of sites with unique needs this summer was unparalleled. Mid-summer we received word that several sites in the area were not able to find secure and compliant vendors for the federal reimbursement program, SFSP, and therefore were unable to serve their kids even though they were in qualifying areas. Three O’clock Project, with the support of Roshad, were able to establish additional grant funding quickly to serve those sites through community partnerships with Sprouts, Costco, and Southside Produce. Weekly, Roshad coordinated with our Development Director and Program Manager to organize orders and delivery plans ensuring that each of the sites had consistent support and most importantly consistent food for kids!

This summer Roshad’s impact supported our regular SFSP programming along with our Vibrant Communities efforts supporting creative feeding for JoVan Ophelia’s ACT Camp, Line 4 Line, Acts of Love, Inc., and a local STEAM camp. These efforts provided nearly 3,000 meals and snacks increasing food security for youth in these programs in the greater Capital Area! Additionally, Roshad contributed 294 total hours of service as an intern at TOP. Wow!

Roshad - we are forever grateful and are so proud of the contributions you made to our organization this summer. Our team is excited to continue to watch you grow as you navigate school, future career paths, and continued service in the years ahead. Thank you!



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