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Vibrant Communities: Beyond our Core Programming

New Announcement!!

Three O’clock Project (TOP) is excited to share the news on the expansion of our work in supporting youth and increasing access to healthy and nutritious food: Vibrant Communities! The past two years of a pandemic and natural disasters have shown that there is a greater need beyond supporting youth in K-12 schools. Our mission to feed kids after school and during the summer has expanded quickly to address overall food insecurity within the communities we serve. In 2022 and beyond, our team is committed to working collaboratively with mission aligned organizations to move the needle on food insecurity and improve community health.

Photo: In 2020, TOP partnered with EatMoveGrow! to also provide oral health kids to kids in rural parishes with meal boxes during Covid school closures.

So, what is our goal with this new tier of work?

The goal of Vibrant Communities is to help make sure kids are provided nutritious, healthy food and the community they live in has the opportunity to thrive. We know our work toward increasing youth food security will have more impact as we also address other community needs. With Vibrant Communities we are building capacity to do more alongside the Hunger Relief Heroes and community members we work with statewide…and we can’t wait to see what comes of this effort together!

What are we most excited about?

Collaboration! Vibrant Communities encourages collaboration across organizations that can help solve an issue in the communities we serve. This area of our work includes advocacy for systems change work related to our mission of addressing food insecurity and continued response to current and future disasters/emergencies. As we have seen since our inception in 2017, we reach more families in need as a collective force.

Three O’clock Project is a proud disrupter for good and the addition of Vibrant Communities allows us to bring more good to life. If you are interested in learning more, getting involved with, or giving to our Vibrant Communities effort, contact Development Director Caitlyn Scales anytime!

Some Vibrant Communities highlights are shown in the grid below! Since Fall 2021, our team has ramped up our efforts of working together to bring more GOOD into the world. Shout out to some of our Hunger Relief Heroes who have brought Vibrant Communities to life with us as seen in the pictures below: Discovery Schools, Second Harvest, Sprouts Farmer's Market, Rejoice Inc., Community Works, Luling Elementary School. There are many more and we can't wait to share Vibrant Communities stories with you throughout 2022!



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