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Join us in our hunger relief work

after school

Summer meaLS 


We provide healthy meals after school to organizations offering enrichment programs. Our team delivers a supper and/or snack to our hunger relief partners daily.

If you are seeking after school meals for your program or school please review the following documents and email for more information:

Do you operate a summer camp or enrichment program during summer months and need healthy meals for your kids? Be a Hunger Relief Partner with Three O'clock Project to provide healthy breakfast, lunch or a snack at your site.

We deliver breakfast, lunch or snack to our summer partners daily.

To become a Hunger Relief Partner for Summer 2023, please contact Caitlyn Scales via email:

Our mission moves beyond providing meals through our after school and summer feeding programs.  Our goal? To help make sure kids are not only provided nutritious and healthy food, but that the community they live in has the opportunity to thrive. 

TOP's Vibrant Communities initiative works toward this goal through:

  • Collaboration

  • Disaster Relief and Pandemic Response

  • Advocacy

To work with TOP through our Vibrant Communities initiative, contact us at


TOP has provided:

8,500 kid-friendly pantry bags

17,000 shelf stable meal boxes

55,000 hot meals to communities affect by Hurricane Ida

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Opelousas 112021-2_edited.jpg

TOP has served:

115,647 suppers

290,961 snacks

TOP has served:

2,813,842 breakfasts

2,848,217 lunches

41,980 snacks


in 2021...

We grew our team to 4 operations members, continued our expansion of our after school and summer meal programs, and ventured into disaster relief mass feeding programs to support the whole community.


We Served:

101,682 snacks | 77,362 dinners

60, 946 breakfasts | 88,607 lunches 
8,500 pantry bags | 17,000 shelf stable meals

55,000 fresh, hot meals

in 2020...

We expanded our program offering from after school dinner and snack to summer breakfast, lunch and snacks to help fight food insecurity. We grew our team by 300 when COVID-19 hit our region. 


We Served:

39,850 snacks | 26,287 dinners

2,752,896 breakfasts | 2,759,610 lunches 

in 2019...

We hired our first team member to help support our growth into 21 after school sites. 


We Served:

32,515 snacks | 94,779 dinners

in 2018...

We expanded our Hunger Relief Hero sites to 16 after school sites spanning across New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette. 


We Served:

6,987 snacks | 92,251 dinners

in 2017...

In our humble beginnings we started with [0] staff and only our Founder leading the charge. We launched our dinner program with five Boys and Girls Clubs in Lafayette in December 2017. 


We Served:

4,820 dinners

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