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Feeding Families and Spreading Joy this Holiday Season

Here at Three O’clock Project, we extend warm wishes to you and your family for a joyous holiday season. This time of year is when we gather together with love, laughter, fellowship, and, of course, sharing delicious meals. Throughout the year, we collaborate with various sites that host after-school programs for kids in their communities. Our mission is to provide these sites with healthy and nutritious snacks, empowering children to be their best selves. As schools take a break for the holidays, we remain committed to ensuring that families have access to wholesome and nutritious food as a part of our Vibrant Communities initiative (learn more about that HERE). Thanks to the support from our Popeyes Food Love Grant and in collaboration with our partners at Top Box, we've been able to make a meaningful impact.

This holiday season, we joined forces with Ascent Project, Empower 225, and Boys and Girls Club Teen Center to deliver healthy snacks and boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables to families in need. Ascent Project, situated in the 70806 neighborhood at Ardenwood Village, received 30 holiday snack bags along with fresh apples and satsumas for kids to take home on their last day of after-school programming before the winter holiday. Our friends at the Ascent Project organized a community holiday party where kids enjoyed festive activities, wrote letters to Santa, and celebrated with holiday tunes. At this event, 80 Top Box Foods boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables were distributed to families in the Ardenwood Village community.

Empower 225, located at the Healing Place Dream Center in the 70805 neighborhood, received 50 boxes distributed to the Dreamville afterschool program. Children took home Top Box Foods boxes filled with fresh fruits and vegetables for their families to enjoy during the holiday season. Empower 225 also hosted a Christmas Clubhouse event brimming with fun and festivities. Families in attendance were treated to boxes of fruits and vegetables, ensuring a healthy holiday celebration.

At the Boys and Girls Club Teen Center, situated at Expressway Park in the 70802 neighborhood, we provided 75 holiday snack bags packed with goodies, along with 75 bags of fruit for kids to take home. Additionally, 75 Top Box Food boxes of fruits and vegetables were distributed to kids at the end of their holiday camp to support families.

These impactful initiatives were made possible by the generous support of our partners who share our vision of empowering communities.

Popeyes Food Love Foundation: Thank you for your unwavering support and collaboration in our mission to feed communities.

Top Box Foods: We extend our gratitude for your ongoing support in providing fresh fruits and vegetables to our communities.

Ascent Project, Empower 225, and Boys and Girls Club Teen Center: A heartfelt thank you for your enduring partnerships, for offering positive and supportive programs to our kids, and for your dedicated work in the community. Your efforts truly make a difference in the lives of those we serve alongside together.

These efforts are made possible by the generosity of our funders and donors. If you are interested in supporting our Vibrant Communities efforts in 2024, please reach out to or make a donation HERE today!



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