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Sprouts Neighborhood Grant Recipient

We were so thrilled to be chosen as one of the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation grant recipients this year! $5,000 is going directly to helping us continue to feed kids affected by this pandemic. We kicked off a home meal delivery program in October that we hope to continue through December. Our team is delivering kids a week's worth of meals directly to their door - every week! Good nutrition is imperative to learning, especially now.

"Our Neighborhood Grants support organizations serving the communities where our team members live, work and play. With a strong desire from team members to give back, and an equally strong desire from nonprofit partners to engage with their local stores, everyone benefits as the community thrives. In 2020, the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation received more than 220 applications for this program, and we awarded $680,000 among 113 grants."

We join an incredible list of organizations doing GOOD in their communities. Check them all out here.

Thank you to Sprouts for giving back to the communities you serve in such an amazing way!



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