Re-imagine Recess

We work with a lot of schools and after school programs. Physical activity every day is crucial for a growing body and mind. Whether you operate a school or an after school program - we think incorporating some fun activity into your routine is a win/win!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), K-5 students in more than 90 percent of elementary schools participate in regularly scheduled recess during the school day. Given the high rate of participation, recess offers a unique opportunity for educators to redefine recess as more than just a chance for physical activity and incorporate social-emotional health topics – such as empathy, conflict resolution and relationship skills.  

There are grants a-plenty out there, for your school or non profit to expand your recess time. This link provides a master list of all companies and grant opportunities. Check it out and see if you qualify for funding to help your programs!


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