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New York Life - Love Takes Action Award

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Three O’clock Project announced today that it was awarded a $50,000 Love Takes Action Award from the New York Life Foundation. The grant will support the efforts to increase access to healthy meals for the kids in our community during this pandemic.

“We are grateful for the New York Life Foundation’s investment in our organization and for David Johnson, a New York Life Managing Partner for recognizing Three O’clock Projects work in the community during COVID19. This grant will allow us to continue to directly feed kids in need into the winter months.” said Emily Chatelain, Executive Director.

Q&A With Emily Chatelain:

How will your organization benefit from these funds?

We will be using this grant to feed children enrolled in virtual after school programs throughout East Baton Rouge. Many children are not able to attend their normal after school enrichment programs, and are now at home during that time. They are no longer getting the meals and snacks from their program, so we are bringing the food to them!

How many children will be impacted by this grant?

We are delivering meals to 500 kids enrolled in our partner programs. We hope this helps families with one less item to worry about during these times.

Do you have any short term or long term goals with these funds?

Our immediate goal is to connect these kids with healthy food right away. They went almost three months without after school meals so we tried to quickly get our logistics and food into play. We will be delivering food to their door for six weeks, but hope to develop some long term goals with this delivery model that can be replicated across the state. Many other programs are having trouble reaching their kids since they do not have in-person programming. We hope that we can serve as a model to other nonprofits.



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