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Hunger Relief Heroes: Who are they and why do they matter?

Photo: Showing the collaborative effort of providing meals, fresh produce, and literacy items alongside The Ascent Project and OneRouge Food Insecurity Coalition members.

When the Three O’clock Project began, our goal was to partner with like-minded organizations in our Louisiana communities to provide healthy meals to at-risk youth. Since 2017, we have grown those partnerships and our impact to a place we could not have imagined just a few years ago - crossing an impact number of over 6 million meals served to youth experiencing food insecurity. How do we do it? Through collaboration with our Hunger Relief Hero partners!

Our Hunger Relief Hero partners are those like-minded organizations and people we work alongside to better understand the needs and reach of the youth we serve. From far-reaching rural communities with 10-25 individuals in an out-of-school program to urban communities with 150+ individuals in an out-of-school program, we are proud to work with others to live out our mission. Hunger Relief Heroes are critical to the success of our ability to get healthy, nutritious meals and snacks to youth who need it most. These are the organizations powered by individuals who believe in reducing barriers for youth and supporting their wellbeing and growth.

Photos: Our Hunger Relief Heroes at Belle Chasse, Clinton, and Calvary giving nutrition and love to their kiddos!

Our Hunger Relief Heroes also show up as individuals and groups who support our mission as donors and granting organizations. With the support of a growing network of giving and sustainability, the belief and support of these heroes help us impact more youth in innovative ways through all three tiers of our program support.

Throughout 2022, we will continue to highlight our Hunger Relief Hero partners and individuals by sharing the work they do to enrich the lives of youth in Louisiana (check out our recent highlight of Hunger Relief Hero College Track). We hope to continue to grow our network of Hunger Relief Heroes and amplify our shared purpose - to increase access to food insecurity among youth so our next generation has the opportunity to thrive. If you’re interested in becoming a Hunger Relief Hero through your time, talent, or treasure we would love to connect!

Reach out to Development Director, Caitlyn Scales anytime!



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