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Heart Heroes Unite: Celebrating American Heart Month

February is not only the month of love, but also a time dedicated to caring for the vital organ that keeps us going – our heart. American Heart Month serves as a reminder to make cardiovascular health a priority and to adopt lifestyle changes that contribute to a stronger healthier heart.

American Heart Month is aimed at raising awareness about heart health and preventing heart diseases.  Heart disease continues to be one of the greatest health threats to Americans. The American Heart Association (AHA) reinforces the importance of heart health and the need for continued efforts to ensure that people live longer and healthier lives.

The American Heart Association (AHA) lists 10 ways to improve your heart health.

1.       Balance calories eaten with physical activity.

2.       Reach for a variety of fruits and vegetables.

3.       Choose whole grains.

4.       Include healthy protein sources, such as plants and seafood.

5.       Use liquid non-topical plant oils.

6.       Choose minimally processed foods.

7.       Subtract added sugars.

8.       Cut down on salt.

9.       Limit alcohol consumption

10.   Do all of this wherever you eat!

We can encourage our children to be heart heroes as well by getting them involved in their heart health.  Supporting good heart health early helps to lower the risks of heart disease and other health problems later in life.  

Ways to get the kids involved:

1.       Doing physical activity together as a family.  Organize outdoor games, sports activities, or go on a family walk.

2.       Teach kids about heart-healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

3.       Provide educational materials about the heart and how it works.

4.       Make it fun! Create games or challenges that promote healthy eating habits.

This American Heart Month let’s unite to take charge of our heart health. By creating good habits for ourselves, and our children at an early age, we build a foundation for a heart-healthy lifestyle. The gift of a healthy heart lasts a lifetime.


To learn more about ways to improve your heart health and be proactive, visit the American Heart Association (AHA) website.

If you would like to support Three O’clock Project in our efforts to increase access to healthy, nutritious food for at-risk youth and their families, you can make a donation HERE today!





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