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From Farm to School

October is Farm to School Month. Farm to school allows for students, parents, and faculty to learn, taste, and experience where their food comes from.

Farm to School is an incredibly uplifting and beneficial program. This program benefits the students, the farmers, and communities. It allows children to learn about the nutritional value of the food they consume, and engage in hands-on experiences. A great way to showcase Farm to School is by starting a school or community garden. Farm to School gives farmers an opportunity to show off their produce and connect with the community.

Schools in Louisiana have been working with local farmers markets, Louisiana Farmer Bureau Federation, LSU AgCenter, and many more. Children around the state have been learning about some of the locally grown exports in Louisiana like strawberries, sweet potatoes, and local seafood.

Farm to School contributes to Three O'Clocks Projects principles of educating children on the importance of healthy food as well as giving them hands-on experiences.

A great way to bring Farm to School to your after school program is by starting a garden. You can create an indoor garden, or a garden in a raised bed if you have outdoor space. Many local garden shops will donate seed packets to organizations starting out, and there are many garden grants to help get you started. Contact TOP if you need assistance getting a garden started, or if you want to learn more about the Louisiana Harvest of the Month program to incorporate to your after school enrichment []

To learn more about these programs or to donate to the cause please go to:



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