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Executive Director Awarded Forty Under 40 !*!

We are proud to announce that the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report has named our very own Executive Director one of this year's Forty Under 40 honorees!

Emily and the team at Three O'clock Project have a BUSY, impactful year - to say the least.

In 2019, Three O'clock Project served over 300,000 healthy meals to kids over the summer, and during the school year in after school programs.

In 2020, Three O'clock Project served almost SIX million meals from March to August, and is still going - due to school closures and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emily shows her passion through her work - ensuring every child has access to healthy food. COVID-19 has shown a light on school food programs specifically. We all saw very quickly, what was the top priority when schools shut down, which was feeding kids first. So many children across the US depend on school for the majority of the nutrition they receive. This is why it is so important to ensure that not only do kids have equal access - but the food being served is healthy.

Thank you to the Business Report for highlighting all of the work Emily has done this past year, and continues to do! We're excited for the future.



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