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End of Summer Highlights

Every year we find ourselves saying, “Where did the summer go?”. Here we are again, and we’re excited to update you on what summer 2022 looked like at TOP!

Summer Impact at TOP

This summer, TOP served 32 sites hosting summer camps. Our team of staff, vendors, and summer camp partners increased food access to youth across four regions of Louisiana serving a total of 167,107 meals from May 25th through August 5th. These meals are provided through our Federally funded, Summer Food Service Program. Each meal or snack must meet the USDA’s healthy meal pattern and other various program regulations.

Vibrant Communities Summer Impact

Through our Vibrant Communities initiative we were able to provide an additional 4,000 meals to students in short-term summer camps. We are thankful for our partnerships with Capital Area United Way and No Kid Hungry who helped support the cost of non-federal meal programs with us this summer. Huge shout-out to our partners at Sprouts Farmers Market who also provided delicious and nutritious food for these efforts outside our regular SFSP funded programs. Our Vibrant Communities initiative exists to both fill in gaps like this as well as advocate for policy and community shifts that allow for more equitable and sustainable access for food among youth in need.

Looking Ahead...

Since our launch in 2017, we have grown our reach through our Hunger Relief Hero partners, and have been able to boost access to healthy food for many children across Louisiana. The things we learn together have helped our team at TOP better understand where we fit in the landscape of food security among at-risk youth and their families. In the coming months, we will be sharing some of our big initiatives moving forward as an organization. We look forward to sharing, learning more together, and increasing our ability to impact more youth across Louisiana during the 2022-2023 school year.

For more information about how to GIVE to Three O'clock Project, or volunteer, contact us at



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