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Cultivating Change: Louisiana Farm to School Program

Did you know we have a Louisiana Farm to School Program that is offered by our LSU Ag Center?

We enjoyed reading more about our local program in this article.

The article highlights the implementation of farm-to-school programs across different educational institutions in Louisiana. These programs involve three key components: hands-on gardening experience, exposure to local and seasonal produce, and educational activities related to agriculture, food, health, or nutrition.

The aim is to enrich the learning environment and improve students' eating habits.

The examples provided include an elementary school that teaches students to prepare recipes using produce from their own garden, a school district introducing a vocational kitchen, a school garden whose produce is sold at farmers markets, and an urban middle school celebrating students' achievements in engineering and science through an aquaculture system.

These initiatives aim to broaden students' food experiences, encouraging them to try new foods by actively engaging in gardening and preparing meals. When students grow their own food, they often become more willing to consume it - fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride.

The Louisiana Farm to School Program, now rebranded as "Seeds to Success," began in 2016 and is a collaborative effort between the LSU AgCenter and the Louisiana Department of Education. This program focuses on local food sourcing, nutrition education, and agriculture awareness in school systems. It offers resources including a website with growing guides, lessons, and career-related information.

The Seeding Louisiana initiative, funded by a USDA grant, distributed seed packets and starter kits to schools, promoting hands-on farm-to-school activities. The article emphasizes that these programs have directly impacted thousands of students, promoting healthy food choices and nurturing interest in agriculture.

The Seeds to Success program provides training, technical assistance, and marketing support to connect local producers with schools. It also offers workshops like the School Garden Leadership series to empower teachers in incorporating gardening into their curricula.

Ultimately, these farm-to-school initiatives in Louisiana aim to transform food systems, improve nutrition, and educate students about the journey of food from farm to table.

To learn more and get involved check out their website here. The Louisiana Farm to School Conference is coming up on October 11th. Register by clicking the image below!



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