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A Warm TOP Welcome!

We are growing our team by one new and amazing Program Manager! Miss Brooke Stikes has joined our team and we could not be more excited. Brooke is a fierce advocate for children. She has volunteered and worked professionally advocating for children in the foster care system in the State of Louisiana for several years. This is both a passion and a priority for her. At Three O’clock Project, we are excited to have someone join the team who is as driven to support young people in our state as we are! In her new role as Program Manager, she is most excited about engaging with the children at our Hunger Relief Hero sites, advocating for healthy food choices in schools and the communities we serve, and working to implement more nutrition education across Louisiana. 

Brooke was born in Birmingham, Alabama, but has been a Louisiana resident for 20 years. She received a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University in Sociology and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from McNeese State University. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping, traveling, baking, arts and crafts, and working at both her church and in her community. 

We hope you all enjoy getting to know Brooke in the new year. Welcome, Brooke! 



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