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5 Tips To Help Kids Drink More Water

How much water should a child consume each day?

You can bring the children to water, but how do you make them drink it?

These are some of the most common questions asked about childhood water consumption, and we're going to answer them for you below!

According to research by the National CACFP Association, the following are adequate amounts of water consumption for children based on age:

One to Two Year-Olds: 1-2 8oz. glasses per day

Three to Five Year-Olds: 3-5 8oz. glasses per day

Six to Thirteen Year-Olds: 6-8 8oz. glasses per day

Now, how do you encourage children to drink an appropriate amount of water?? We have 5 helpful tips to get your kiddos hydrating in no time.

  1. Make it Attractive

If drinking water becomes another chore, children are going to actively push against it. Find ways to make water a fun thing! Here's some ideas: Let your kiddos pick out their own special water bottle. You can find some great (and cheap) options at Walmart and dollar stores. It's even more fun if you make an activity out of decorating your water bottle with stickers! Try adding different kinds of fruit and herbs to water... cucumbers, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, mint and basil are all great options!

2. Teach Them About Water

Most kids can tell you that drinking water is important, but they often don't know

why it's important. Print out the fact sheets and activities at the bottom of this article to teach your kiddos all about the importance of water not only in their bodies, but in the world! Once they understand water's functions, they will feel more inclined to drink enough of it.

3. Keep it Available

Be sure to keep cups and water bottles where kids can access them easily. Same goes for the water - whether that means placing a step stool near the kitchen sink, or storing full water bottles on the bottom shelf of the fridge, it will make it simple for kids to access water whenever they want it.

4. Encourage Movement

Nothing makes a person want water more than a little bit of exercise. Facilitate a game or activity that gets the heart rate up, and be sure that water is available nearby!

5. Lead by Example

Finally, show them how it's done. While you can tell kids what's right and wrong all day long, the ultimate tool is leading by example. When children see their parents, loved ones, and role models exemplifying behaviors, they will follow in those footsteps. So get a water bottle, drink from it (a lot!), and talk about it with your kids. They'll be reaching for more before you know it!

For more information and some fun water-related activities from

the National CACFP Association, click the link below!

If you have any other helpful tips

comment below and let us know!



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