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AT&T Supports TOP!

We are so honored to be supported by AT&T with a generous donation of $5,000! These funds are helping support our after school home meal delivery program that started in October and will continue through December.

With most after school programs not operating due to COVID-19, we lost access to sending healthy meals to those kids. We quickly decided to bring the meals to their homes. It has been tricky trying to get healthy meals that are all cold - but we are navigating as best we can! Meals must be delivered on refrigerated trucks, and have good variety for the week. With a limited menu, we feel that our meals are meeting the need of those kids in need!

Now kids can enjoy a healthy meal as they finish up school work for the day. Thanks to partners like AT&T, we are finding ways to continue to feed kids healthy food.

The meals have help tremendously. Quick healthy snacks and budget wise.

The meals have been helpful I work from home and can't always watch what she is eating but knowing there are healthy options in the house help. And I don't have to purchase processed food. Thank you.

The meals help out a lot, because I normally can't provide healthy meals due to helping with homework and work.

Very helpful in ensuring he has a healthy meal to eat during the week



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